DCU Thesis requirement – Postgraduate

DCU Thesis requirement – Postgraduate


*AAA Binding is fully aware of DCU binding regulations and has all the necessary experience on such binding standards. Please find the latest DCU hardbound sample image in our product Gallery.


As per ACADEMIC REGULATIONS FOR POSTGRADUATE DEGREES BY RESEARCH AND THESIS (click link to see full DCU binding regulations) which published and approved by Academic Council on 11th June 2014

Thesis Hardbound requirements are as below:

All DCU postgraduate thesis shall be bound within boards of sufficient rigidity to support the work when it is standing upon a shelf. The colour of the boards shall be University blue.

Have the following information on the front (board) cover:

  • the title of the thesis in at least 24pt (8 mm) type;
  • the initials and name of the candidate;
  • the award for which the thesis is submitted e.g. MA, MBS, LLM, MSc, MEng, MPhil, EdD, DPsych, DBA, DMusPerf, PhD; and
  • the year of submission, i.e. the calendar year in which the Faculty Awards

The subject area must not be stated; the reference should be to, for example, ‘PhD’, not ‘PhD in xxxx’.

The same information (excluding the title of the thesis) shall be printed in the same order in at least 24 pt (8 mm) type along the spine of the cover in such a way as to be easily legible when the thesis is lying flat with its front cover uppermost. All lettering on the cover and the spine shall be gold in colour and clear of any graphic design.

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