Are you open on weekends?

During busy time we open on Saturday; for urgent requests please call us for availability.

Where are you located?

Click here to view our location on Google Map.

Our address is: 41 Dominick Street Lower, Dublin 1.

Can I bring my own sheets to be bound?

Yes, you can bring in your own sheets to us (We strongly recommend you to print on 80gsm – 100gsm papers to avoid any issues with binding).


How does the next day (24 hours) service work?

If you need your thesis to be delivered, please submit your PDF thesis to us before 12:00 on a working day and it will be ready to collect in 24 hours.

For collection, orders are accepted at anytime on a working day and will be ready to collect on the next working day.

Why do you only allow PDF documents to be bound?

PDF is the industry standard for document sharing this means that we can more reliably print your document regardless of the original platform or format of the original source document.

Can I print my thesis on double sided paper (duplex printing)?

Yes we do offer a duplex printing option; but you will have to pay for both pages.

What is the minimum and maximum number of pages for a bound thesis?

We can bind up to 300 sheets, if you have more than 600 pages (print on both side)  we would recommend splitting your document into multiple volumes, and binding each volume separately.

Do you have my university templates?

Yes, we do provide some universities’ specification, please click here to see more information.

Some of my pages are colour; can I have some colour and some black and white?

Yes, please advise us of the page numbers of colour pages in your email.

Can we print in different kind of papers? Like glossy, matt, etc.

Yes, we can. Please contact us for further information of the different types of paper. We can print from 80 gsm to 120 gsm, for special paper requirement please call us for availability.

How long does a 2 hour binding service take?

The binding process takes 2 hours, but does not include the printing time. Please allow between 30 minutes to 1 hour printing time on top of the binding time (this may vary during busy periods).